Friday, May 24, 2013

Ideas Manufacturing launches White colored Miniature Movement Sensor Switch (MS 501 series)

Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited, has launched a new aesthetically appealing Miniature Movement Sensor Switch (MS 501 Series - Special Edition). The new sensor has an appealing look and feel and very compact in size. It can handle up to 220 Watts of electrical load, and has been designed with utmost concern to electrical safety and reliability of the product.

Special Edition Miniature Movement Sensor Switch (MS501 Series)

MS501 Special Edition Movement Sensor switches in White color.
To go with the white sensor, we have also launched a special powder-coated white-colored 2-Axis Swivel Clamp as well. This clamp (MSBR501 series) is now available in white powder coated finish to match the ceilings/walls and decor.

White, Powder coated MSBR501 Swivel Clamp to go with the White colored sensors.

More products in the pipeline to be launched. Watch this space.

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